Cat flat design and equipment

Our guests are welcomed into a home especially designed for them. Just like your own home, they are insulated and fitted with double glazing.

The house is composed of cat flats with heating for the winter, each flat has its own enclosed garden. The garden is accessible via the window or the cat flap ensuring total security for each cat

Your pet will find:

 Shelves fixed at different heights (it’s well known that the view from the top is best).

 • Cushions to relax on

 • Hiding places for playing or relaxing

 • A big scratching post to have fun with

• Toys to play with.

We use bio- degradable cat litter and high quality cat food.

The "Chez Shami” cattery: a real hotel for cats.

Pension pour chats Chez Shami

We privilege one cat per flat when possible

Nevertheless, each cat flat can host 3 cats from the the same family or two if they don’t know each other.


Depending on how busy we are, we form couples as explained in the information sheet (fiche de renseignements) you’ll fill out when you reserve.


The age, habitat, personality and feeding habits are all taken into account when creating our mini groups.

You cat quite easily adapts to living with others, even if he has never had a companion before, or if he is known to be aggressive or easily frightened.

Cats may feel the need to defend what they believe to be theirs. That’s why we ask you not to bring any personal objects. As soon as he understands he is on neutral territory where all his needs are satisfied, without any need for competition, your cat will give us his trust and will adapt very quickly (usually in less than 48 hours).


Infos pratiques

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18, rue de Maigremont

27100 Val de Reuil

Tél : 06 24 04 72 20

>> Autoroute A13, sortie n°19.



Toute l’année

Du lundi au samedi

9:00 > 12:30 et 13:30 > 18:30

Fermé le dimanche et jours fériés.

Les visites, départs et entrées se font sur rendez-vous.



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