How did "Chez Shami" see the day?

  Wondering how a psychomotrician and a  responsible business decide one day to leave their respective jobs to open a cattery? 

 So here, I explain everything to you:

 A few years ago, we wanted to leave in cat board, our two cats Shami and Arthur, who has since left us. Unfortunately none met our expectations. So this summer we gave our house to a friend's son.


As luck would have it, some time later I saw a report on the cattery: The Cats Garden located near Montpellier: it offered at the same time space, comfort and access to the outside. But we did not live next to them.

  In our personal life the years have passed, Marcel is back in our life, as well as our little daughter Salome.   Ludo's work was very time-consuming and I wanted something else: always helping others but otherwise..

  This is how, little by little, the idea of ​​opening our pension has emerged. But be careful not just how! It is not because we have always had cats that we can take care of those of others. I also wanted to understand how the "Garden of Cats" was used to mix cats that did not know each other.

So I followed a training of 300 hours based on the ethology of the cat and its relation to the man, to become Féliconsultante.

We also bought the house that corresponded to our project: 

 Offer a space dedicated to cats where they could express their feline behavior with confidence and for us: to have a fulfilling family life. 

 That's how Chez Shami with its studettes and gardens was born and that the adventure continues since 2015

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Human side:

DE de psychomotricité

I worked 17 years mainly in adult psychiatry and gerontology

Listed felines

Formation de Féliconsultante auprès de l'organisme OPERRHA, Paris

CETAC option félin (Certificat d'Etude Techniques de l'Animal de Compagnie), LOOF, Paris

 Autorisation de transport de type 1 n" 27194 pour le transport d'animaux vivants (chats). DDPP, Evreux

Certificat de Capacité 27-15-098,  DDPP, Evreux

 Notre entreprise est enregistrée au tribunal de commerce d'Evreux:

Siret: 81094074200010

Située  à Val-de-Reuilau cœur du triangle Paris - Rouen - Evreux.

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18, rue de Maigremont

27100 Val de Reuil

Tél : 06 24 04 72 20

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