Our Commitments 

Animal care

We feed our cats with high quality dry cat food. However, we can give your cat their habitual food upon request.

Our personalized care plans allow every cat to be looked after as requested (brushing, medecines…)

Animal comfort

We respect every cat’s well-being according to the Universal chart of animal rights.

The friendlier cats are allowed to be stroked, hugged and to play. The more reserved ones are not disturbed if they don’t wish to join in.

Every small cat flat has its own play and rest areas, so each cat can do as he pleases when he pleases.


The cat flats are cleaned daily and thoroughly disinfected before each new arrival.


In the case of illness or accident, we will take the cat to our partner veterinary surgeon, who is only five minutes away. The sick cats are then kept in a separate cat flat and looked after by the vet. Every cat must be up to date with his vaccinations upon arrival. The health record is kept at the cattery during your pet’s stay.


We strive to reply to any questions you may have about the cattery, the accommodation, transport etc as quickly and precisely as possible.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we work in mutual trust.


These commitments can be found in the formal signed contract between "Chez Shami” and each customer.

Rules and regulations

The company complies with the rules and regulations in effect.

We work alongside the county animal protection unit.

We have a professional indemnity insurance.

Infos pratiques

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Fermé le dimanche et jours fériés.

Les visites, départs et entrées se font sur rendez-vous.



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