Accommodation terms and conditions


Terms of admission

Before arrival, your cat must be:

·Identified by a microchip or tattoo

·Castrated or sterilized

·Up to date with their vaccinations: typhus, coryza, leucosis (at least 15 days before arrival and at most a year before)

·Wormed (within the six months prior to his stay): possibility for us to take care of this upon request for a small fee.

·Treated for fleas (between 7 and 30 days prior to his stay): possibility for us to take care of this upon request for a small fee.

The customer agrees to:

-Complete the information sheet and inform us of any health risks, behavioral problems and habits their pet may have.

-Bring the cat in its cat carrier.

-Bring the vaccination records showing that the cat is up to date with all his vaccinations, and is sterilized or castrated. These health records will be looked after bu "Chez Shami” throughout your cat’s stay.

-"Chez Shami” reserves the right to refuse a cat if, on arrival, all the above conditions are not met. The deposit will be kept by "Chez Shami” in compensation for the preparation of the cat flat.

Your cat’s holiday:


For health and safety reasons, access to the cat flats is controlled. Arrivals and departures take place during opening hours and by appointment only.

The cat must arrive in a functional and secure cat carrier.

If the customer does not make the agreed appointment for the cat’s departure, a second appointment will be proposed by "Chez Shami”. Every extra day must be paid for. If "Chez Shami” does not hear from the customer, the company will try to contact the customer by all possible means. After 8 days without payment for the extra time, the cat will be considered "abandoned” (see paragraph 5).

Cat care:

Chez Shami agrees to provide its feline guests with hygienic, secure and comfortable accommodation. The cattery is cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis, heated in the Winter. Chez Shami respects the basic needs as well as the individual needs of each cat. If requested, the customer may provide the habitual food for his/ her cat, enough for the totality of his stay. This does not lead to any price reduction.

The cat’s health:

For cats under treatment on arrival (food or medicinal):

Chez Shami reserves the right to refuse any cat whose health may be judges incompatible with a stay in the cattery. Chez Shami acquires the deposit paid for any cat whose owner does not inform the company in advance of possible health risks.

If the cat has a health problem, compatible with his stay:

The customer agrees to provide Chez Shami with the treatment for the length of stay and the prescription. The client agrees to allow Chez Shami to administer the treatment as explained by the prescription. (if not enough medicine is provided, it will be bought and the customer billed for it).

If the cat has a special diet, the customer agrees to provide Chez Shami with the food (enough for the length of stay). (If not enough food is left by the customer, dry food will be provided).

Specific health care:

The vet:

Should the cat’s health worry Chez Shami, they agree to inform the customer (or if he can’t be joined, the persons indicated on the information sheet) and to make all the arrangements necessary to get the cat better as quickly as possible.

If Chez Shami feels it necessary, the company will consult its vet, unless the customer requests that his vet be called in first. In case of emergency, the vet is authorized to make any decision concerning the cats’ well-being (the sick cat and the other residents) without the customer’s approval.

If a cat needs treatment, not of an urgent character, and the customer’s approval can be obtained without putting any of the pets at risk, the sick cat will be isolated from the others until such approval.

In every instance, all medical costs, on the customer’s approval, or in case of emergeny, will be paid in advance by Chez Shami and reimbursed by the customer.

Chez Shami’s liability clauses

Chez Shami agrees to do everything in their power to keep the cats in good health and to assure their well-being.

However, in trusting Chez Shami with his cat, the customer recognizes that looking after a cat whose behavior is sometimes unpredictable, prevents the company from being in total control of it at all moment. Also, the high shelves and the mobile toys require that the customer accepts the existence of certain risks due to the cat’s very nature.

Chez Shami accepts no responsibility for any accidental injury caused by the cat’s movements to and from the different shelves or toys available in his cat flat or garden, for any injury caused by another cat even though Chez Shami takes care to watch the pets closely and to select pets likely to get along in the same cat flat.

Chez Shami accepts no responsibility for an illness, accident or deterioration of a cat’s health if the cause is anterior to the stay and discovered during it or afterwards.

Certain illnesses can be carried by your cat for months or even years without him showing any signs of being ill.

Chez Shami accepts no responsibility for the following illnesses: feline infectious peritonitis virus, immunodeficient Feline virus, Leucosis, certain chronic forms of the Coryza virus, hepatitis or kidney failure, ringworm should they appear during or after the stay.

In other words, Chez Shami accepts no responsibility for the ill health of a cat if not connected in any way to his stay. In all cases, a summary of any intervention and / or the certificate provided by the vet will be admissible as proof of the cat’s state of health and of the cause of illness unless proof to the contrary is provided by the customer.

Payment, booking, cancellation, extension

Our prices are available at Chez Shami reserves the right to change its prices. The price charged will be the price applicable at the moment of booking. Chez Shami bills by day: each day started is owed, whatever the arrival or departure time.

A 30% deposit is required when booking with a minimum of 50€ for stays during the summer season. These condition the confirmation of any booking, unless other terms agreed to by Chez Shami.

The customer may cancel within 7 days after the booking is made unless the booking is made less than seven days before the stay. (L121 -20 e

and L121-20-2 of the consumer code).

After this delay, the deposit is owed, only the balance will not be claimed.

Should the cat leave earlier than planned, the full price of the stay initially booked is owed.

Should the cat wish to stay longer, this depends on the availability of the cat flat.


After eight days following the end of the contract between the customer and Chez Shami, any cat that has not been collected by his owner will be considered abandoned. Chez Shami can then make any arrangements for the cat as the firm wishes without any possible appeal by the customer. A complaint will be filed at the local Police station for pet abandon (article 511-1 of the rural code).

CNIL (national information science and liberties commission)

Personal information is required for booking quotes and organizing the best welcome for your cat. The customer may request access to any information concerning himself, modify it and object to it being shared with others (vet, insurance brokers).

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